Aquarium Ballet in Gran Hotel, Camaguey

Acuatic Ballet Acuarium in Gran Hotel

When the musical rhythms move to the water and they form a floating show we speak of aquatic ballet, Acuarium is the name of the one that prestige to the City of the Tinajones with its exclusive working line.

Aquarium Ballet in Gran Hotel, CamagueyAquarium Ballet in Gran Hotel, Camaguey

The grouping would dance has a wide repertoire that includes Dos roots and a Folklore, Aquatic Sweet and Cuban dances that take to the water with its particular elegance.

They make small fragments of dances in earth and the rest of the number in the water.

The body of aquatic dance is integrated by five couples that already have among its members high-performance athletes and Pan-American champions retired, of the sport specialties of aquatic pole, rhythmic gymnastics and I swim synchronized.

"We don't make pure folklore but a folkloric fantasy that we adorn with bathing trunks, wardrobes and with movements in the water those they make to shine the choreography and to give a recreated show ", Is the opinion of their Members.

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